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Extraterrestrial Contact, Emanuel Swedenborg and Christianity

In the 18th century, new revelations concerning the afterlife and Christianity were shown to a brilliant scientist, Emanuel Swedenborg, who was proven on many occasions to have very accurate clairvoyant abilities.  In waking visions he explored the realms of heaven and hell, the world of spirits in between, and explained many theological issues within Christianity - such as the Trinity, the Divinity of Jesus Christ, and moreover, wrote a multi-volume work showing how and why scripture was Divinely inspired.  His description of life after death have been corroborated by many Near Death Experience (NDE) accounts. However in his writings there are puzzling accounts of encounters in the spiritual world with extraterrestrial who had lived on planets other than earth, in what may be the first documented case of extraterrestrial contact. Perhaps those who know nothing about the reliability of Emanuel Swedenborg would point to this as an excuse to examine the spiritual revelations no further.

In these spiritual encounters with extraterrestrials, Swedenborg was only allowed to explore the spiritual world, and not remote view other areas in the physical world.  He makes it quite clear that in most cases he was not actually able to view the actual planet that these extraterrestrials came from:
" earth is anywhere seen by those who are in the spiritual world, but only the spirits and angels who are from it" (Earths in the Universe, n. 47)
So, given the above, there are several theories to explain Swedenborg's account:
1.  The first is the most skeptical, that Swedenborg just imagined it all.
2.  These are extraterrestrial spiritual societies, but actually originated from other planets.
3.  Swedenborg misidentified the planets of our solar system.
4.  Other planets of our solar system were once inhabited, whose environment was destroyed in an ancient cataclysm.
5.  There are one or more advanced extraterrestrial societies in our solar system, who are able to create temporary habitats on hostile planets.
So let's examine each theory, one by one....


Jodie Foster in Contact by Carl Sagan, where an extraterrestrial message was met with skepticism

The first theory is the most skeptical.  Worse, some may say that Swedenborg "lost it" and went insane - but these are people who know the least about Swedenborg's biography, or who have a certain religious persuasion and feel threatened by what was shown in the revelations.  To the end of his life, Swedenborg maintained his highly intelligent rational thought, and had a very active productive life, in both science and politics. Moreover he maintained his anonymity and never attempted to create a following or church. Swedenborg had much to lose, and in fact gave up a very successful career as well as his scientific pursuits in order to fully dedicate his life to publishing accounts of the revelations he received in waking visions.

So, given the fact Swedenborg was quite rational and well balanced, did he just simply "imagine it all"?  Or was he simply misled by what he saw?  There is a big problem with this theory - it is well documented that Swedenborg had very accurate clairvoyant visions, and was able to describe things that were happening in remote locations, uncover lost objects, and uncover secrets known to a select few people - including the Queen of Sweden.  His secret identity as the author of the spiritual works was uncovered once when he had a remote vision of a fire in Stockholm in 1759,  It is well documented, and is conveniently categorized as "unexplained stuff" on the web site  From Mystics - Emanuel swedenborg (1688–1772):
In 1759, Swedenborg had the vision of the great fire at Stockholm, which has been recorded as one of the first completely documented cases of clairvoyance in history and which has become well known throughout the Western world. In September, at about four o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, Swedenborg arrived in Gotenburg, Sweden, from England, and was invited by a friend to spend some time at his house before returning to his home in Stockholm. While there, Swedenborg became restless and went outside for about two hours. When he came back inside, he informed his host and other guests that a terrible fire had just broken out in Stockholm (which was about 300 miles from Gotenburg) and that it was spreading rapidly. His friends did not know how to respond to such news, for they had no idea how Swedenborg could possibly know that such a dreadful conflagration was occurring at such a distance away.
Swedenborg remained agitated and restless and went outside often that day, only to return with additional dire news, as if he were somehow viewing the disaster as it occurred. Alarmed, he told the company that the house of a friend was already in ashes and that the fire was fast approaching his own home. At eight o'clock in the evening, he came back inside to announce joyfully that the awful fire had been extinguished—and that it had been stopped just three doors away from his house.
By Sunday morning, word had spread of Swedenborg's remarkable vision, and he was summoned to the governor, who questioned him about the disaster. The seer described the fire precisely, telling exactly how it had begun and precisely how it had at last been squelched. On Monday evening, a messenger dispatched by the Board of Trade during the time of the fire arrived in Gotenburg. In letters the courier had brought with him, the fire was described exactly as stated by Swedenborg, and the next morning the news was further confirmed by messages brought to the governor by royal courier. As the seer had proclaimed, the fire had been extinguished at exactly eight o'clock in the evening.

Swedenborg's visions were not the product of a vivid imagination - they were very accurate, and could describe events at remote locations.  Although there have been some studies in parapsychology, it is a phenomenon that our current science cannot explain and chooses to ignore.  So its classified as "unexplained stuff."  But the problem goes beyond that - what of these remote spiritual visions of other human extraterrestrials? And why are they associated with planets of our solar system? That leads us to the next theory.


This was my favorite theory when I first encountered Emanuel Swedenborg - he was simply describing spiritual societies of extraterrestrials, who were "spiritually associated" with the dead planets of our solar system but actually originated from elsewhere.  However, Swedenborg himself counters that argument:
"All the inhabitants or men of every earth, after the life in the world is finished, become spirits, and remain near their own earth. From these spirits, however, information is given about their earth, and about the state of the inhabitants there; for men who leave the body bring with them all their former life, and all their memory." (Earths in the Universe, n. 127)
"The spirits of every earth are near their own earth, because they are from its inhabitants — inasmuch as every man after death becomes a spirit — and because they are thus of a similar genius, and are able to be with the inhabitants and to be of service to them." (Earths in the Universe, n. 47)
"When I arrived, the earth itself was not seen, but only spirits from it. For, as was also said before, the spirits of each earth appear around their earth, for the reason that they are of a similar genius with the inhabitants, being from them, and that they may be of service to them." (Earths in the Universe, n. 139)
Each person has a spiritual psychology above the physical body, where good and evil spirits influence our thoughts and actions.  These spirits are of a similar genius or mentality, and thus originate from the same earth.  The greatest spiritual influence, of course, is that of Jesus Christ - who influences the universe through the Holy Spirit.  It was from His work on earth that He was able to break through the evil spiritual societies surrounding our earth and restore our spiritual contact with heaven.

So, Swedenborg is not describing extraterrestrial spiritual societies that somehow got associated with dead planets of our solar system.  Spiritual societies form around the planets where the spirits were from, in order to be of spiritual service to the inhabitants who are of a similar genius or mentality.  But what happens when the overall society of a planet changes throughout time?  Is it possible that these spirits would become more distant, and thus become associated with a more distant planet? There is a curious reference that may support this in Swedenborg's account of Mars:
"The spirits of Mars are the best of all among the spirits who are from the earths of our solar system; being for the most part celestial men, not unlike the men who were of the Most Ancient Church on this earth." (Earths in the Universe, n. 85)
This is a rather interesting statement - Swedenborg describes the spiritual state of man before the fall of Adam as the "Most Ancient Church" - who were celestial in that they were primarily in love and had direct contact with heaven.  We have lost this spiritual nature through sin and disobedience, and now require revelation through the written Word.  So one possible explanation is that the spiritual society of Mars is in fact the ancient human race as it existed in ancient times on our own earth, but now that we are of a completely different nature, this spiritual society is now more distantly associated with us through Mars.

So in other words, the human extraterrestrials that Swedenborg saw are not really extraterrestrial at all - they happen to have belonged to our own earth, from our own distant past, but are so different from us they have formed separate societies from those now on earth.  While this may explain the extraterrestrial spiritual society of Mars, this does not explain all the extraterrestrial societies of the solar system seen by Swedenborg in his waking visions.


Here, Swedenborg actually saw other planets that were inhabited, but misidentified them as planets of our solar system.  For from his visions, Swedenborg concluded that the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and even the earth's moon were all inhabited.  Surely Swedenborg misidentified the planets?  Jupiter and Saturn are gaseous giants with no solid surface, and anything there would be crushed from the enormous pressure before reaching the core.  The other planets of the solar system do not have the atmosphere to support life.

The theory may partially explain some of Swedenborg's accounts. However, Swedenborg obtained some accurate information from the memory of the extraterrestrial spirits he encountered.  For example, take this account of the planet Mercury:
"They were also asked about the sun of the world, how it appears from their earth? They said that it appears large, and larger there than from other earths, as they said they knew from the idea of other spirits about the sun." (Earths in the Universe, n. 45)
This would indicate that indeed it is the planet Mercury. But Swedenborg already knew Mercury was close to the Sun, this is not something he did not know already, and perhaps this is another planet that was close to its own sun and thus was misidentified with Mercury.  However, this theory becomes quite problematic when we come across the description of the rings of Saturn given by extraterrestrials from Saturn:
"They were asked concerning that great belt, which appears from our earth to be elevated above the horizon of that planet and to vary its positions. They said that it does not appear to them as a belt, but only as a snowy light in the heaven in various directions." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 8952, published in 1749-1756)
This happens to be a very accurate statement, and has been confirmed by modern observations.  But in Swedenborg's day, the opinion at the time was that Saturn's rings were solid belts. In 1675 Cassini determined Saturn's ring was composed of multiple rings. In 1787 Laplace stated that these rings were composed of a large number of solid ringlets. In 1859 Maxwell finally demonstrated that the rings could not be solid, but composed of particles. This was verified in 1895. And now, we have the Cassini probe giving us shots of the rings, showing that it is composed of ice particles. And indeed it looks like snowy light. Literally made out of snow balls.  Here is a close up shot of ice particles in Saturn's ring A from the Cassini probe:

So Swedenborg's statement is quite accurate - the rings are indeed ice particles reflecting light. However, these rings can only be seen in this way above the atmosphere of Saturn.  So the only way this could be seen in this way by an extraterrestrial spirit is if it was close to the rings in a spacecraft, or happened to have originated from one of the moons of Saturn.  Possibly Swedenborg misidentified extraterrestrials from one of the moons of Saturn with the planet Saturn itself.  One possible candidate is Saturn's moon Enceladus which harbors an underwater ocean, which was discovered in 1789 after Swedenborg's death.

Supporting the theory that Swedenborg misidentified the planets, are the descriptions where Swedenborg or a reader may conclude that the surface of the planet was inhabited.  But this requires a careful reading  - for nowhere did he see the actual surface of the planet of our solar system.  Just because Swedenborg may be given information on clothing, animals or trees does not mean the surface is inhabitable.  There is one exception, and this concerns Jupiter, which Swedenborg describes as having a habitable surface:
"The spirits from Jupiter said that in the region of the earth where they lived while in the world, the multitude of men was as great as the earth could support, that the earth was fertile and abounded in all things" (Earths in the Universe, n. 48)
Jupiter, as we know, is a gaseous giant with no surface, and the pressure is so great that any life form would be crushed before reaching anything solid at the core.  So from this we can conclude that Swedenborg misidentified the planet Jupiter, similar to how a moon of Saturn was perhaps misidentified with the planet Saturn.  But this begs the question, where did these extraterrestrials come from, and why associated with Jupiter and other planets in our solar system?  This theory only provides part of the answer.


This theory actually has strong scientific evidence to back it up, especially now in the case of Mars.  Our picture of Mars has completely and dramatically changed in the last 10 years thanks to the information retrieved by the robotic rovers we have sent there.  We now know that Mars had flowing rivers and an ocean.

NASA has determined that Mars once held more water than Earth's arctic ocean, forming an ocean in its northern hemisphere. See NASA Research Suggests Mars Once Had More Water Than Earth’s Arctic Ocean

Mars once had a thicker atmosphere.  Meteorites from Mars, and evidence from the Viking lander, show signs of microbial life.

Electron micrograph of Martian meteorite ALH84001, showing what may be fossilized bacteria life forms

Methane has been detected on Mars, which is another piece of evidence that life is there right now.  Something happened in the past where the entire environment of Mars was destroyed forever. Without the Curiosity rover, scientists would still be looking at suppositions of water on Mars as "fringe" science. That is no longer the case, the evidence is conclusive.

It is thus entirely possible that the extraterrestrial society of Mars that Swedenborg encountered is that of a dead civilization that is long gone, or has since moved on elsewhere.  There is inexplicable evidence in many photographs of Mars that show indications of artificial structures there.  If true, it would open up a new chapter in the lost history of this human race - and perhaps ours as well.

There is one other planet of our solar system which also may have been habitable on the surface in the past - and that is Venus.  It is too hot to support any life as we know it right now.  But in its distant past, what many people do not know is that it probably had an ocean.  From Venus Gets Weirder: CO2 Oceans May Have Covered Surface:
"Although Venus is currently unbearably hot and dry, it might have once had oceans like Earth. Prior research suggested that Venus possessed enough water in its atmosphere in the past to cover the entire planet in an ocean about 80 feet deep (25 meters) — if all that water could somehow fall down as rain. But the planet was probably too warm for such water to cool down and precipitate, even if the planet did have enough moisture. [The Weirdest Facts About Venus]Instead of seas of water, then, scientists now suggest that Venus might have once possessed bizarre oceans of carbon dioxide fluid."
Whether Venus had an ocean of water, or an ocean of carbon dioxide fluid, would depend on the atmospheric environment of Venus.  Like Mars, its atmospheric composition may not have been what it is now in its distant past.

Fictional representation of Venus, with 70% Ocean coverage, from The Real Colors of Venus without the Clouds

In other words, our solar system as it is now may have been quite different millions of years ago, lost to our very limited written history.  This may explain the extraterrestrial societies of Mars and Venus that Swedenborg saw, who perhaps long ago left for other star systems.

But what about Jupiter?  It is obviously a gaseous giant that cannot support life, and yet Swedenborg saw a huge extraterrestrial society associated with Jupiter.  What can explain this?  As it turns out, it has recently been discovered that Jupiter swallowed up planet ten times size of Earth in massive collision:
Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system because it swallowed up a smaller rival before it could grow any bigger, scientists believe.
Studies of Jupiter have revealed that the giant planet has an extremely small core compared to its huge size.
Even though Jupiter is more than 120 times bigger than Earth, measurements from spacecraft have revealed that it core weighs, at most, ten times that of our own planet.
Now scientists have claimed that Jupiter’s core may have been vaporised in huge collision with a planet up to ten times the size of Earth, according to a study in New Scientist.
The study gives an intriguing new insight into the violent conditions in the early life of our solar system.
Researchers from Peking University in China have modeled what may have happened in the wake of the collision. Their simulations showed that the incoming rocky planet would have been flattened as it hit Jupiter’s atmosphere.
Half an hour later it would have crashed into Jupiter’s core.
Heavy elements in the core such as metals would have been vaporised and then mixed with hydrogen and helium in the planet’s atmosphere. Scientists believe that this might explain why Jupiter’s core is so small but its atmosphere is extremely dense.
Between Mars and Jupiter there is an asteroid belt, and before this theory there other theories that this asteroid belt was the remnant of a planet that was destroyed in the distant past.  But the theory has problems, one of which is the asteroid belt cannot account for the volume of a planet that was destroyed.  But if Jupiter swallowed a planet in a collision, this would explain the missing mass.  Was it inhabited?  There is no way for us to confirm that.  If it was, that would be a perfect explanation for Swedenborg's account of the spiritual society of Jupiter.

This theory may explain something about Saturn as well:
His team say that heavy elements in Saturn’s atmosphere could also have been caused by similar impacts with smaller planets.
The planets in the solar system were created by collisions between small dwarf planets orbiting the newborn sun.
In the collisions the small planets melted together and formed larger planets.
The Earth and Moon are the result of a gigantic collision between two planets the size of Mars and Venus.
Lesson here is, don't assume science knows everything.  Our knowledge is constantly expanding, and what is considered true today is false tomorrow.


This brings us to the most controversial theory, that of UFOs and modern extraterrestrial contact.  Those who know least about UFOs will probably categorize it as part of a cult or fraudulent hoaxes. Those who objectively look at the evidence, and examine hundreds of witness testimony, can only come to the conclusion that we are currently under visitation by one or more extraterrestrial societies. The evidence is there, and there happens to be a large body of physical evidence, including photographs, radar contact and testimony from government officials, scientists and the military. Last month three UFOs were seen leaving earth's atmosphere on a NASA live feed before the video was cut.  I became convinced of this when I saw blatant evidence of tampering of a video to remove a UFO above the earth's atmosphere.  However I want to show one of my favorites, a compilation of UFOs caught on NASA footage throughout the years:

Did Emanuel Swedenborg see any evidence of an advanced extraterrestrial society in our solar system?  The answer to that is yes, and for some strange reason they tend to dwell around Mercury:
"The spirits of Mercury, above all other spirits, possess a knowledge of affairs, not only those that are in our solar system, but also those that are outside of it in the starry heaven; and what they have once acquired, they retain, and also recollect as often as anything similar occurs." (Earths in the Universe, n. 14)
"The spirits of the earth Mercury do not stay long in one place, or in the company of the spirits of one world; but wander through the universe. The reason is, because they have reference to the memory of things, which memory must be continually enriched. Hence they are permitted to wander about, and to acquire knowledges everywhere." (Earths in the Universe, n. 24)
"The spirits of that earth go in companies and troops, and when assembled together, they form as it were a globe." (Earths in the Universe, n. 25)
"Because of their thus journeying through the universe, and thereby being enabled to know more than others respecting the worlds and earths beyond the sphere of our solar system, I have spoken with them on this subject also. They said that in the universe there are very many earths inhabited by men..." (Earths in the Universe, n. 26)
They are described as highly advanced in knowledge, but they are averse to material things and do not use vocal speech.  Moreover, it is customary for them to hide their knowledge, and attempted to do that to Swedenborg.  They thus tend to not want to have any contact with humans from earth. Their purpose is to observe and collect knowledge.  This would explain inexplicable UFO behavior: they regard us as too materialistic, perhaps a violent and evil race, and such an opinion was expressed to Swedenborg by several extraterrestrial societies.

The fact that these extraterrestrials are allowed in the spiritual world to travel between societies of different solar systems at ease to collect knowledge indicates that they did this during their physical life, and is their primary enjoyment. For what Swedenborg saw is that most spiritual extraterrestrial societies stayed within the vicinity of their planet to be of aid to those still living. Moreover, what one does in the spiritual world will be closely related to the love of what one did during their physical life, for Swedenborg saw that our heavenly life will be one of continual use to do what we love most:
"In ecclesiastical affairs those are occupied in heaven who in the world loved the Word and eagerly sought the truths therein, not for the sake of honor or gain, but for the sake of use of life, both for themselves and for others. These according to their love and desire of use, are there in enlightenment and the light of wisdom, into which also they come from the Word in heaven, where it is not natural as in the world, but spiritual. These discharge the function of preachers, and in this according to Divine order those are in higher position who from enlightenment excel others in wisdom. In civil affairs those are engaged who in the world loved their country and its common good in preference to their own, and did what is just and right from the love of what is just and right. As far as they from the eagerness of love have investigated the laws of what is just and thereby become intelligent, so far they are in the faculty of administering offices in heaven, and administer them in that place or degree in which their intelligence is, this intelligence being in equal degree with their love of use for the common good. Moreover, in heaven there are so many offices and so many administrations, and so many employments also, that they cannot be enumerated on account of their abundance; those in the world are few in comparison." (Heaven and Hell, n. 393)
Thus if an extraterrestrial society is wandering about the universe between the spiritual societies of different solar systems collecting knowledge, that is exactly what they did during their physical life. Swedenborg was shown that heavenly societies of different planets do not typically visit each other, and for various reasons it is forbidden.  This indicates there indeed is an advanced extraterrestrial race visiting our solar system, and they have the ability to travel faster than light.

Other than the extraterrestrial society of Mercury which traveled between solar systems, Swedenborg saw nothing of the other worlds that indicated a society more advanced in technical achievements than ours.  But this is because most are of the opinion that an "advanced" society is one that excels in technical achievements.  There are several cases where extraterrestrial contactees were shown an advanced society and were surprised that most lived a simply idyllic pastoral life.  If one thinks about it, humans are most happy when outside under the light among nature.  Howard Storm, who had an NDE and was shown a little about extraterrestrial life, was shown the far future of our earth and was surprised about how simple life was, with no evidence of anything technical.

So, if an advanced extraterrestrial society is able to travel between solar systems and has amassed a wealth of knowledge, they certainly have the capability to create a habitat on a planet under the surface.  And recently NASA has uncovered that water is abundant in the solar system, with many moons and even Pluto probably having underwater oceans of water.  Recently NASA has unveiled there are large tunnels under the surface of the Moon which they describe as "lava tunnels" (see Lunar Lava Tubes Could Host Underground Moon Cities)

But what about Mercury?  Is there any evidence of anything extraterrestrial there?  My opinion of that is that is it uninhabited, and Swedenborg associated them with Mercury as they are perhaps often in orbit close to the Sun.  As to why that is, is perhaps the Sun is used as an energy source, or it is their marked destination in their travels.  In the past astronomers have noted unusual objects orbiting the Sun closer than Mercury, that for a time they postulated another planetary body known as "Vulcan" (see Vulcan - hypothetical planet).


So we have gone through five main theories to explain Swedenborg's contacts with extraterrestrials of our solar system.  He also encountered extraterrestrials beyond our solar system, and it should be noted that up until the 1990s scientists were educating the public that our solar system was probably the only one with planets, which modern observations have now shown was extremely ignorant.

So the first theory, that Swedenborg just imagined it, is probably false due to documented examples of his clairvoyant abilities that have been verified.  What about the second theory, that these extraterrestrial societies are just "spiritual societies" but originated from elsewhere?  Swedenborg himself states that is not the case.  So that leads us to the third theory, Swedenborg misidentified the planets of our solar system.  I consider this as partially true.  The extraterrestrial society must have lived somewhere close to the vicinity of the planet.  If the planet was gobbled up or destroyed in the distant past, they would become associated with the next nearest planet.  That he did not completely misidentify the planets is shown by his accurate description of the rings of Saturn.  What of the fourth theory, that the planets of our solar system were once inhabited?  I consider this as possibly true for Venus, probably true for Mars, and hypothetically there may have been a planet between Mars and Jupiter that is now destroyed.  That still does not explain everything, so the fifth theory that an advanced extraterrestrial must be visiting our solar system I consider to be true from the evidence that other researchers have gathered, especially since the time we exploded the atomic bomb.


So, what would extraterrestrial contact mean for Christianity?  All religions must first give up the idea that one must belong to a particular religion in order to go to heaven.  This idea is a false limitation of God's love and mercy.  What Swedenborg was shown is that many extraterrestrial societies worship the one God, and although some are aware he became incarnate in human form, most are not.

Swedenborg was also shown that extraterrestrials may regard it as very strange that we seek revelation from a book.  Swedenborg was shown that most other extraterrestrial societies have spiritual guidance from direct contact with the spiritual world:
"It is to be known that the Word on our earth given through heaven by the Lord, is the union of heaven and the world; to which end there is a correspondence of all things in the letter in the Word with Divine things in heaven; and that the Word in its supreme or inmost sense treats of the Lord, of His kingdom in the heavens and on earth, and of love and faith from Him and in Him, consequently of life from Him and in Him.  ...On every other earth Divine truth is manifested by word of mouth through spirits and angels; as has been said in the preceding pages, where the inhabitants of the earths in this solar system are described..." (Earths in the Universe, n. 119-120)
If there was direct and open contact, there is an unfortunate likely conflict to occur between religious leaders and those of extraterrestrials: they would probably be classified as a New Age "cult."  On the other side of the coin, there is the potential that many will accept whatever they say without any critical thinking.  While they have revelation from the spiritual world, Swedenborg was shown that direct spiritual communication is generally no longer permissible for the inhabitants of this earth due to sin and disobedience, for the spiritual realms of our planet are infested with evil spirits.  Opening up direct contact with the spiritual world is thus dangerous without proper spiritual preparation, and even Swedenborg warned against it.

UFO filmed over the Vatican in 2005, while Pope John Paul II lay in state. See Exo-Vaticana: The Year of Three Popes & UFOs Over the Vatican

The Vatican and the Pope of the Catholic Church seem to be aware of the extraterrestrial visitation to our earth, which they possibly became aware of through inside U.S. military channels according to some witness accounts.  They have thus purchased their own astronomical observatories.  In 2014, Pope Francis gave a speech stating that the Catholic Church would be willing to baptize extraterrestrials (see Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens).  So what would be the reaction of extraterrestrials to this?  Swedenborg records their reaction when a Christian missionary spirit attempted to convert a group of extraterrestrials to Christianity:
"...they said that visitors sometimes come to them from elsewhere, who speak with them about God and confuse the ideas of their thought. They also pointed out the way by which they come, from which it was perceived that they were of the spirits from our earth. Being then asked wherein their thoughts were confused, they answered that it was by those spirits saying that one must believe in the Divine as distinguished into three persons, which they still call one God. And when they examine the idea of their thoughts, it is presented as a trine not continuous, but discrete; and with some, as three persons conferring one with another; and with some, as two seated near together, and a third hearkening to them, and then going from them; and though they call each person God, and have a different idea concerning each, they still call them one God. They complained bitterly that these strangers confuse them by thinking three and saying one, when yet one ought to think as he speaks, and speak as he thinks." (Earths in the Universe, n. 158)
Most churches are certainly not willing to question their own modern theological teachings in regards to the Trinity, preferring to leave it "off the table" in any discussion as the teaching of dividing God into three persons makes no logical sense,  However this is not problematic for the New Church, which has restored the original Christian teaching that God is one person in Jesus Christ, in whom there is a Trinity of soul, body and spirit (discussed at length in previous blog entries).  When Swedenborg corrected the teaching, and told these extraterrestrials that the God they worshipped under human form had become incarnate on our earth, they were affected with great joy.

The New Church theology, which is based on the principles of love and truth, is universal.  As the spiritual teachings of the New Church are abstracted from the literal sense of scripture, and deal with higher level spiritual concepts hidden within it, it is potentially more understandable to other extraterrestrial societies who may find it hard to verbalize their beliefs into words we can understand.

The proper approach to any extraterrestrial contact, is to not be presumptuous, and to have an open mind.  Be ready to unlearn.  For when one is ready to unlearn, the mind becomes open to new ideas, and new ways of living.  But unfortunately, religion is for the most part a barrier, an excuse for ignorance and intolerance, and does not help prepare the public for actual extraterrestrial contact.

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The Angelic Dreams of Children

Children, in their love and innocence, often have dreams that are highly significant.  However many never tell them and forget them, unless they know there is someone willing to listen to their dreams.  Many times dreams are just reflecting our thoughts or worries, but at times certain information comes across that indicates the dream is an actual communication or vision from the spiritual world.  In the 18th century Emanuel Swedenborg revealed the hidden spiritual meaning of scripture through waking visions for a full 27 years.  However he explained that dreams are often another means of communication, but were more symbolic and indirect:
"There are three kinds of dreams. The first kind come from the Lord mediately through heaven; such were the prophetic dreams, spoken of in the Word. The second come through angelic spirits, especially those who are in front, above, at the right, where are paradisal scenes; from thence the men of the Most Ancient Church had their dreams, which were instructive (see n. 1122). The third kind come through the spirits who are near when a man is sleeping, which are likewise significative. But fantastic dreams are from another source. 
"That I might fully know how dreams flowed in, I was put to sleep, and I dreamed that a ship came laden with delicacies and savory food of every kind. The things in the ship were not seen, but were stowed away. Upon the ship stood two armed guards, besides a third who was its captain. The ship passed into a kind of arched dock. So I awoke and thought about the dream. The angelic spirits, who were above, in front, to the right, then addressed me, and told me that they introduced this dream..." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1976-77)
"Dreams, also, which flow in through heaven from the Lord, never appear otherwise than according to representatives. He therefore who does not know what this or that thing in nature represents, and especially he who is entirely ignorant that anything is representative, cannot but believe that they are only comparisons, such as every one uses in common speech. They are indeed comparisons, but such as correspond, and are hence actually presented in the world of spirits, when the angels in the interior heaven are conversing concerning spiritual and celestial things of the Lord's kingdom." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 5115.3)
The following two dreams are one that a child had, which I think are both significant.


In this particular dream, the child sees she is in a new house of a new neighborhood.  The house looked the same on the outside, but on the inside it was bigger, and it was all colored white.  The couch had expanded, and was much bigger, expanding across the breadth and length of the house.  She sees her mother in a red dress, and she is pregnant.  She gives birth to a child, but the child then rapidly grows until she is about nine years old, and she became bigger than her.  She was wearing a white flowing dress, had white smooth skin, blue eyes, and golden hair.  She did not speak, but gave letters to every one.  However to her sister she gave a scroll.  Her sister opened the scroll, and it was a picture of Jesus walking through a field.  The angel then spoke:
Jesus was crucified on a Thursday, and he rose from the dead on Sunday.  And on Tuesday, he walked through a field.

Everyone was surprised in the dream as there was no story in the Bible that mentioned Jesus walking through a field on Tuesday.  We discussed the dream, and as we were discussing it, I could see there was some doubt in her face.  As she was explaining it again to another person, she then said, "The young girl said Jesus was crucified on Friday..."  

I interrupted and asked, "Did the young girl say that Jesus was crucified on a Thursday or a Friday?"

She thought about it, and said she had mentioned Thursday.  But she thought that was strange as she had been taught that Jesus was crucified on a Friday.  I asked her to remember, was it Thursday or Friday?  She then remembered clearly: definitely Thursday. Which was odd, as Catholic school had taught her Jesus was crucified on Friday.

At this point I realized the dream was significant, for those who research the chronology of the gospels have determined that Jesus was not crucified on a Friday.  From Friday to Sunday morning is not three days.  Orthodox and Catholic teachers, who were unfamiliar with Jewish feast days, had assumed that when scripture said Jesus was crucified before the Sabbath, by "Sabbath" was meant the seventh day of the week or Saturday.  However, what they forgot to consider was that Jesus was crucified on the Passover, and the day after the Passover was also a Sabbath day of rest:
In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at twilight, is the LORD's Passover.And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to the LORD; for seven days you shall eat unleavened bread.On the first day you shall have a holy convocation; you shall not do any ordinary work. (Lev. 23:5-7)

So in the solar-lunar Jewish calendar, the Passover falls on the fourteenth day of the first month.  The day after is the feast of unleavened bread. This is the fifteenth day, and no matter what day of the week it is, it is a Sabbath day of no work.  So if Jesus was crucified on a Passover that fell on Thursday, no matter what the day after would still be a Sabbath.  But it is a slightly different Sabbath - it is the Sabbath of unleavened bread.  And indeed, if one reads the gospel of John carefully, one can determine that this is the Sabbath that the gospels are talking about:
When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.Since it was the day of Preparation, and so that the bodies would not remain on the cross on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath was a high day), the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken and that they might be taken away. (John 19:30-31)

When the gospel of John adds that the Sabbath was a high day, it is talking about one of the sabbaths of the Jewish feast days - in this case the feast of unleavened bread.  And this is something that no child will learn in Sunday school, much less a Catholic school, as it would go against the Catholic tradition of Good Friday.

So Friday was a high Sabbath, followed by the Sabbath on Saturday, thus it was only on Sunday morning that the women could come to the tomb to prepare the body as Jesus was hastily buried.  This is only way that the prophecy of Jonah could have been fulfilled:
For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Matt. 12:40)
So, why mention that Jesus walked through a field on Tuesday?  I don't know, but probably its a hint referring to the feast of unleavened bread that follows the Passover.  There is quite a bit of research done on this here: Was Jesus crucified on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday?, but that web site concludes Friday must be it by making the strange argument that the Feast of the Firstfruits (the sixteenth day of the month) must land on a Sunday.  It also miscounts the number of days and nights, and only a Thursday crucifixion would work for that.

As to why the dream was given?  Today is a Thursday, and tomorrow is July 3rd which is a holiday in the United States - just in the same way that Friday would have been a "high sabbath" or holy day if it fell on the 15th day of the first month after the Passover.  There are other details that were also given in this dream that provided knowledge of facts that this child was unaware of, but those are unnecessary to cover here.

In a later portion of the dream, the girl heard a voice say about her, "I like that girl."  She then heard that young girl say, "I like her too."  She could not see her, but thought she was resting on one of the rafters near the ceiling.  So it is perhaps one of her guardian angels  as Swedenborg stated each person has two guardian angels - one for the will, the other for our thought.  These angels are in constant battle with two evil spirits that try to subvert each person towards evil and falsehood.  It is from this spiritual battle or equilibrium that each human being has free will to choose.


This dream came to the same child, but earlier, around May of this year.  I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but after hearing the other dream today I thought I would mention it as well.  In this dream, she is with her sister, and they are standing on top of a layer of golden clouds.  The thought then comes to her, that it is being decided as to what level of heaven each of the girls would go to.  In front of her, she sees that there is a pyramid rising out of the clouds.  From the top of the pyramid, there is a beam or column of light ascending into heaven.

A decision is then made concerning her sister.  She then sees her sister go to the top of the pyramid, enter the beam of light, and she ascends into heaven. For her, however, a decision has not been made yet. The dream ends.

This dream was interesting, as unknown to her, I had just ordered and read an interesting book: The Hidden Records, by Wayne Hershel:

The book is well researched, and concerns some ancient star alignments contained in the geometry and location of the Pyramids of Egypt, as well as other ancient monuments around the world.  It corrects some of the research done in the book The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids by Robert Bauval. There is a rather interesting story behind this particular dream, but that is a subject matter perhaps for another day.  With dreams, it is sometimes rather easy to pick up the thoughts of others, no matter how hard they attempt to keep it a secret...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Trinity of Love, Truth and Usefulness

There is a trinity of being in all that exists: in each person there is the will, the thought of the will, and then putting the thought into action.  In a more universal sense, this is a trinity of love, truth and usefulness. There is no love without truth, and there is no truth without its love, and the marriage or union between love and truth is in usefulness.  In philosophical terms, this is called end, cause and effect - one's end is one's intent or love, the cause of manifesting one's love is one's thought, and the effect is the action. One can apply this philosophy at work to encourage initiative using the "see, own, do" motto: to see is to see a problem, to own is to take responsibility for the problem, to do is to take action to resolve the problem. Described by yet another teaching called "Steps to Knowledge", this is seeing, thinking, and taking action.

What I just described was pulled in from very different sources of information, yet they are all saying the same thing, for truth is universal.  One of the sources is the revelations in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. If a teaching is not applicable in life, it is not true. If a theory cannot be put into practice, it must be rejected.  In one's spiritual life, there is no such thing as belief alone, and any belief that does not lead to good works must also be rejected.

As an example, this "trinity of being" can be seen in the plant world:
"The case is similar in the vegetable kingdom: in every tree and in every plant there lies inmostly concealed an effort to produce fruits or seeds; but this effort cannot manifest itself until it has first produced all the means, namely, branches, leaves, and flowers, which being produced, then the effort comes forth into act." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 3610.3)
The endeavor or effort is the end or intent, the means is the cause, and the effect is the act.


Most people know from science the idea of "cause and effect." This terminology is derived from the "four causes" of the Greek philosopher Aristotle.  But modern science has removed itself from one of the causes taught by Aristotle: the final cause, which is defined as "the end towards which is directs."  This end is the intent of the effect, and any intent implies motive or "intelligent design," which is anathema to materialistic science seeking pure naturalistic causes.  Swedenborg restores this teaching in the trinity of end, cause and effect:
"All things in general and in particular in man, nay, all things in general and in particular in nature, succeed one another as end, cause, and effect; and, when they thus correspond to one another, they act as one; for then the end is the all in all things of the cause, and through the cause is the all in all things of the effect. As for example, when heavenly love is the end, the will the cause, and action the effect, if there is correspondence, then heavenly love flows into the will, and the will into the action, and they so act as one that the action by correspondence is as it were the love; or as when the faith of charity is the end, thought the cause, and speech the effect, if there is correspondence, then faith from charity flows into the thought, and this into the speech, and they so act as one, that the speech by correspondence is as it were the end. In order however that the end, which is love and faith, may produce the cause, which is will and thought, it must take administering means in the rational mind that will correspond; for, without administering means that correspond, the end, which is love or faith, cannot be received, however it may flow in from the Lord through heaven. From this it is plain that the interiors and the exteriors of man, that is, what is rational, natural, and sensual in him, must be brought into correspondence, in order that he may receive the Divine influx, and consequently that he may be born again; and that it is not well with him till then." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 5131.3)
Many teachings only speak of enlightenment or knowledge alone: but truth alone does not lead to a balanced spiritual life of activity, or one of truth in action.  One must have intent, from the intent or purpose one has thought which is the means of executing the intent, and its action is the effect.  Every action or work is judged by the internal intent or purpose from which it was generated:
"Whatever his thoughts and deeds — which vary in ways innumerable — if only the end be made good, all are good. But if the end be evil, all are evil. It is the end that rules in every thing that a man thinks and does. The angels with man, because they are angels of the Lord, do not direct anything in the man but his ends. In directing them they direct also his thoughts and actions, for all these are of the end. The end with man is his very life. All that he thinks and does has life from the end, for, as was said, they are of the end. Therefore as the end is, such is the life of a man. His end is no other than his love; for a man can have for an end nothing but what he loves. One who thinks otherwise than he does, has yet for an end what he loves. In his very dissimulation or deceit is his end, which is the love of self or the love of the world; and from this is the enjoyment of his life. From these considerations any one may conclude that as a man's love is, such is his life." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1317)


By examining one's own primary intent or purpose in life, one can determine if one's eternal life is leading towards heaven or hell:
"The inflowing life is applied to no other object than the end, because to every one his end is his love, and it is the love alone that lives. Other objects are only derivations from this, which draw their life from the end. Every one may see what kind of life he has, if he will only search out what his end is; not what all his ends are — for he has numberless ones, as many as intentions, and almost as many as judgments and conclusions of thoughts, which are only intermediate ends, variously derived from the principal one, or tending to it — but let him search out the end he prefers to the rest, and in respect to which all others are as nothing. If he has for his end himself and the world, let him know that his life is infernal; but if he has for his end the good of his neighbor, the common good, the Lord's kingdom, and especially the Lord Himself, let him know that his life is heavenly." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1909.2)
One's end, or one's purpose or intent is one's primary love:
"Man by the ends of his life is in the other life, by ends of good in heaven with angels, but by ends of evil in hell with devils. Ends in man are nothing but his loves, for what a man loves, that he has for an end; and inasmuch as ends are his loves, they are his inmost life" (Heavenly Arcana, n. 3570.3)

End, cause and effect are universal and exist in all things. It is even applicable to a company's organization (see above).  Not only that, but the universe is the image of God, and these three exist in God as the Trinity itself:
"These three, namely, end, cause, and effect, are in the created universe, in its greatest things as well as in its least. They are in the greatest and the least things of the created universe, because they are in God the Creator, Who is the Lord from eternity. But because He is Infinite, and in the Infinite infinite things are distinctly one (as was shown above, n. 17-22), therefore also these three in Him, and in the infinite things of Him, are distinctly one. From this it is that the universe — which was created from His Esse, and which, regarded as to uses is His image — acquired these three in each and everything in it." (Divine Love and Wisdom, n. 169) 
While the older churches have a tritheistic belief in God divided in distinct persons, this is not so in the New Church, which worships God as one Being.  Worship here is in being useful, or in usefulness.  One can say it is the spiritual and more complete version of the philosophy of Utilitarianism. For the Lord's kingdom is not of one resting on clouds, but rather it is a kingdom of uses, where all seek to be useful according to their love.


The principle of end, cause and effect can be expressed in another way: as love, truth and usefulness:
"Every one who thinks in any enlightenment can see that love has for an end and intends use, and that it produces use through wisdom; for love cannot produce any use of itself, but by means of wisdom. What indeed is love, unless there be something that is loved? This something is use; and because use is that which is loved, and is produced by wisdom, it follows that use is the containant of wisdom and love." (Divine Love and Wisdom, n. 297)

When most people think about freedom, its about doing whatever they want, what they love the most.  However this is not true freedom.  There is only spiritual freedom, or the slavery of self and desire:
"Few know what freedom is, and what non-freedom is. All that which is of any love and its enjoyment appears to be freedom, and that which is contrary to them, non-freedom. What is of the love of self and the love of the world, and of their lusts, appears to man as freedom, but it is infernal freedom; while what is of love to the Lord and of love toward the neighbor, consequently of love for good and truth, is freedom itself, and is heavenly freedom." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 2870)
True spiritual freedom comes when one resists temptation of evil and falsity:
"But they who have compelled themselves against evil and falsity — though at first they thought that this was from themselves or from their own power, but were afterwards enlightened to see that their effort was from the Lord, even to the least of all the particulars of the effort — these in the other life cannot be led by evil spirits but are among the happy. Thus it may be evident that a man ought to compel himself to do good and to speak the truth. The hidden truth within this is, that a man is thus gifted with what is heavenly for his own by the Lord. That which is heavenly of his own is formed in the effort of his thought; and if he does not maintain this effort by compelling himself, as the appearance is, he certainly does not by not compelling himself.
"That it may be plain how this is, let it be observed that in all self-compulsion to good there is a certain freedom, which is not discerned as such when one is in the work of compelling, but still it is within; as in one who is willing to undergo the risk of death for the sake of a certain end, or in him who is willing to suffer bodily pains for the sake of health, there is a willingness and thus a certain freedom from which each acts; although the dangers and the pains, while he is in them, take away his perception of the willingness or freedom. So it is with those who compel themselves to good. There is a willingness within and thus a freedom, from which and for the sake of which they compel themselves; that is, they do this for the sake of obedience to what the Lord has commanded, and for the sake of the salvation of their soul after death; in which still more interiorly there is, though the man does not know it, a regard for the Lord's kingdom and even for the Lord Himself.
"This is the case most of all in temptations, for in these, when a man compels himself to resist the evil and falsity which are infused and suggested by evil spirits, there is more of freedom than is possible in any state out of temptations, although the man cannot then comprehend this; for there is an interior freedom, from which he wishes to subjugate evil, and this so great as to equal the force and strength of the evil which assaults; otherwise he could not contend with it. This freedom is from the Lord, Who insinuates it into the man's conscience and by means of it causes him to overcome the evil as from what is his own. Through this freedom man acquires a nature of his own into which the Lord can bring good. Without a nature of his own acquired, that is, given, through freedom, no one can ever be reformed; because he cannot receive the new will, which is conscience." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 1937.3-5)
All freedom is from one's love:
"All that is called Freedom which is of the will, thus which is of the love. Consequently freedom manifests itself by the enjoyment of willing and thinking, and thence of doing and speaking. For all enjoyment is of love, and all love is of the will, and the will is the esse of man's life.
"To do evil from the enjoyment of love appears to be freedom, but it is servitude, because it is from hell. To do good from the enjoyment of love appears to be freedom and is indeed freedom, because it is from the Lord. It is therefore servitude to be led of hell, and it is freedom to be led of the Lord. This the Lord thus teaches in John: Every one that committeth sin is the servant of sin. The servant abideth not in the house for ever: the Son abideth for ever. If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed (viii. 34-36)." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 9585-9586)

All doctrines and teachings of the New Church are based on love and truth.  Love must be guided by truth lest it become adulterated, and truth must lead to love.  In spiritual regeneration, one is first guided by truth until one lives a life of love:
"When a man is being regenerated, that is, when he is to be conjoined to the Lord, he proceeds to the conjunction by means of truth, that is, through the truths of faith; for no one can be regenerated except through knowledges of faith, which are truths, by means of which he proceeds to conjunction. The Lord goes to meet these through good, that is, charity, and applies this to the knowledges of faith, that is, to its truths; for all truths are the recipient vessels of good, and so the more genuine the truths are, and the more they are multiplied, the more abundantly can good accept them as vessels, reduce them to order, and at length manifest itself; so that at last the truths do not appear, except so far as good shines through them. In this way truth becomes celestial spiritual. As the Lord is present only in the good which is of charity alone, man is in this way conjoined to the Lord, and through good, that is, through charity, is gifted with conscience, from which he afterwards thinks what is true and does what is right; but this conscience is according to the true and right things to which the good or charity is applied." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 2063.3)
"The primary thing of the rational with man is truth (as said before, n. 2072); consequently it is the affection for truth, to the end that man may be reformed, and so regenerated. This is effected by interior and exterior knowledges, that are of truth; which are continually being implanted in good, that is, in charity, that so he may receive the life of charity. It is on this account that the affection for truth in man is predominant in his rational. For it is the case with the life of charity, which is the heavenly life itself, that with those who are being reformed and regenerated, it is continually born and growing up and receiving increments, and this by means of truths; the more of truth, therefore, there is introduced, the more is the life of charity perfected; wherefore charity exists with a man according to the quality and quantity of truth." (Heavenly Arcana, n. 2189.2)
Knowing the truth, and then acting according to what is true, is the process by which one is cleansed from sin and evil and brought to what is good, which brings true spiritual happiness.  The entire Word concerns the conjunction of love with truth, and truth with love.  What is presented here is all but a very short summary introduction to the doctrines of the New Church.


From the revelations given to Emanuel Swedenborg, we have spoken of the principle of end, cause and effect.  The "end" is one's purpose, or one's primary love, and it is one's purpose or intent which forms one's spiritual body in the afterlife.  The principle of end, cause and effect can be expressed in another manner: love, truth and usefulness.  This principle can again be expressed in another manner, which is very applicable to forming a just society: FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EFFICIENCY.

One will see that this teaching is similar to what was revealed in the waking visions of Emanuel Swedenborg.  So, where does this philosophy come from?  It allegedly comes from an extraterrestrial contact back in the 1960s to one Stefan Danaerde, a millionaire who owned his own business in the Netherlands (see Extraterrestrial Contact from Iarga: their Origin and Philosophy for more background on this).

They explained their society through the use of a three dimensional hologram.  Their society was at one point threatened to extinction, and these three principles were revealed to a female "prophet" of sorts. I will quote from the work, UFO Contact from Iarga, by W.C. Stevens. So they begin:
"We were faced with the problem of feeding and housing the billions of beings which we needed in order to achieve our creation goal, on the smallest possible area of land. This imposed the greatest demands on our planning and social systems; these demands do not occur on Earth, you have room to spare."What we needed to create a high level of culture were three things: freedom, justice and efficiency. We will explain these concepts one at a time, beginning with the last, efficiency."
On their planet, without the application of efficiency their society would collapse, as their planet has limited resources compared to ours. The principle of EFFICIENCY is the application of usefulness.  It is seeking to accomplish the same task, or use, in a more efficient manner.  Thus technological progress seeks to do the same thing in a more efficient and cost effective manner.  One's work is the product of efficiency, companies that do well do things more efficiently.

Efficiency seeks the reduction of waste.  Thus concepts of individualism, and houses of individuals, are seen to be highly wasteful and inefficient.  Our houses are made of wood, which have a short lifespan requiring more maintenance. Most live far from where they work, cities are spread out requiring loss of time and gas in the daily commute: this is wasteful and inefficient. Individualism, selfish greed of the few over the many, is inefficient and wasteful.  Capitalism and profit seeking encourages waste.  This concept of efficiency hasn't taken hold on our planet, because up til now we have believed we had unlimited resources. However we have become more aware of it through knowledge of how we have been destroying and polluting the earth and its climate. When one of our primary resources - oil - becomes more scarce, the principle of efficiency will become more important. The same will be true as the ocean levels rise due to global warming.  The principle of efficiency is ignored when the focus is on war and competition:
"A race that lives under the constant threat of war and destruction does not logically make any plans for the distant future. For an absolute race, that is different. The continual improvement of our mental capacity directs our thoughts more and more into the future. We have created a planet on which our race can survive for an eternity. We live in a stable world on a clean planet, where the balance of nature can be maintained for unlimited time. We live for the future, because we expect great things from it. We are constantly occupied with making our world a better place to live in. The Earth, on the other hand, lives for the present and the past, and does not worry about the future generations."
The next principle that they explained was the concept of JUSTICE.  The application of justice is not just being treated equally under the law, but ensuring an egalitarian society, where more is not given to an individual or family beyond what they need.  Justice is a prerequisite for efficiency.  Justice here means "equal shares for everyone," where selfish greed and jealousy is suppressed.  Through efficiency, production capacity is increased to reduce each person's material want.  The principle of justice in this system of thought can be compared to doing good from truth, otherwise known as "spiritual good" in the doctrines of the New Church where love of the neighbor is primary.  Truth fights against sin, and sin is that which promotes selfish greed and desire over the need of the neighbor. Whereas Swedenborg speaks of truth or justice in a spiritual religious aspect, here the same concept is described in pure applicability to forming a just society. Without justice, there is no efficiency, and to stress this point one must look at the "efficiency of the justice."
"The low quality of our goods, helped by artificial aging, means that we simply throw away a large part of our welfare profit. Perhaps we can't help it because our mentality is wrong, but no matter how you try to excuse it, it remains stupid. They were dearly pleased that I was at last awake and was able to understand that efficiency and justice were not just loose, idealistic words."

After efficiency and justice, the next concept that is described is freedom.  Again, freedom is described in a way that is applicable to society:
"Freedom is the absence of compulsion and because compulsion is a form of discrimination, it follows that freedom is the absence of discrimination. A step further: freedom exists, logically, on the basis of justice and efficiency."
Freedom is not only the absence of social discrimination, but also the absence of selfish love:
"The selfish behavior of the masses, where everyone takes everything they can, prevents the ability to work for the common good-to create, for example, a clean planet where the balance of nature can be maintained for an unlimited time. It is also impossible to limit the use of natural resources for the sake of future generations, because a selfish person cannot give up anything for someone else. The greatest problem lies in the law of degeneration: a race that does not succeed in restoring the efficiency of natural selection as it existed in the prehistoric times shall become extinct."
Freedom is most expressed in creativity - either in material gain or creativity, or in immaterial gain or creativity.  Capitalistic societies stress material gain, and the happiness of that is short lived.  True freedom is expressed in immaterial gain:
"...there is the immaterial creativity-your Christian love - and this is lasting happiness. It is the continual striving to improve the living standards of others. It expresses itself in helpfulness, understanding, pity, tolerance, friendliness, esteem-in short, the total concept of unselfish love."
It is only in immaterial creativity that true happiness is achieved:
"Every unselfish deed, every self-sacrifice, heightens the feeling of personal value, of satisfaction. A man who has reached a high degree of unselfishness manifests a lasting personal value as a noticeable side of his personality - wisdom - which appears to be unaffected by setbacks or aging. He becomes invulnerable in his feeling of personal value, his peace with himself, his happiness. There is no alternative, Stef. Natural selection laws are inexorable. Only a race with a high level of unselfishness, or, as we call it, an immaterial structure, can survive."
For them, Christianity is not a religion, but the true means of creating a just society:
"The more we talk, the more we become convinced that you are not a Christian. The whole point of Christ's teaching - love - is completely strange to you. You have apparently never heard of the striving for unselfishness in the Buddhist religion. There is no choice. Only when man is free of material influences can he succeed in bringing up children who, through their unselfish mental attitude, can be really free and happy. You must teach them to love and concern themselves with others. They must learn to be very expressive with their feelings. This makes great demands on their eloquence, to be able to put their feelings into words. This is characterized by their honesty, spontaneity and enthusiasm, their helpfulness and, above all, their ability to raise their love contacts above the physical to great spiritual heights. We seek adventure in the quantity and depth of our human contacts. You have seen this all on the screen in front of you. Iarga is a planet where the people love each other, where people are happy to meet each other and where they find it a pity that they can only take one person at a time in their arms."
Freedom here is spiritual freedom, which is based on love.  This should not be just a religion, but should be the ultimate goal of a just society.


The doctrine of the New Church of Love, Truth and Usefulness is a universal truth, and helps one understand the nature of all being and action, including the Supreme Being, the Divine.  This trine can be philosophically expressed as end, cause and effect.  In humans this is one's purpose, one's thoughts or rational understanding to fulfill one's purpose, and one's actions or way of life.  Anyone can examine their own internal purpose to determine the nature of one's eternal life.

Any religion, which is of belief alone, or faith alone, or of enlightenment alone, without application towards one's life is not a religion.  It is a false assurance of well being, which hides problems and road blocks to one's spiritual progress from truth towards love.  To progress towards what is good, one must first acknowledge the evils and falsehoods in one's self. Otherwise, there is no change or progress.

The principles of the New Church are universal, for everything that exists has relation to the principles of love and truth.  That it is universal can be seen in a reported extraterrestrial contact from the 1960s, where the same universal principles are described using slightly different terminology.  The language of the terminology indicates that these principles are not part of a religion as we know it, but rather they are principles used to form a just and equitable society.  The applications are manifold, but it requires a change in mindset and one it challenges our current assumptions of our own society and culture. For here there is an actual philosophy that is immediately applicable, which challenges our capitalistic society of material greed and competition.

Regardless of what one thinks regarding UFOs and reported extraterrestrial contacts, there is something to learn from the story in UFO Contact from Iarga.  There is an inherent truth in the teachings from this contact, and one can see that the teaching that they gave was quite foreign to the author, and at times he was opposed to it and argued with them on certain topics.  What amazed me when I first read this was that the teaching is similar to principles that were revealed in the waking visions of Emanuel Swedenborg, but in a different context. Once one gets beyond that initial prejudice of disbelief, actual reported contacts where they give advice that is useful that we can learn from and apply are few and far between.  Of all the research I did into UFOs or extraterrestrials, I felt that the reported contact from Iarga was like finding a gem or diamond among stones. It shows what is possible when the principles of the New Church are applied to one's life, and to one's society.
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.  And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. (Rev. 21:1-2)
I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. (Rev. 22:16)